Medical Translations

Professional Spanish to English, English to Polish and Polish to English Translation and Proofreading Services

We often need to see a doctor when we are abroad. Sometimes, we are looking for help of foreign doctors due to our uncommon conditions. In such situation, a certified translation of the full medical documentation might be required.

Moreover, if we are using a cross-border medical treatment, we are entitled to reimbursement. However, the treatment has to be certified by appropriate documents – it may be a copy of a receipt issued by the medical unit, a referral or a prescription. Usually, this sort of document needs to be translated into a specific language.


Here you can find some examples of Medical Translations that I provide:

  • Blood test results,
  • Genetic Test Results,
  • Diagnoses,
  • Hospital Discharge Reports,
  • Mental Health Assesments,
  • Medical Correspondence,
  • Organ Donation Documents,
  • Speech and Lanugage Therapy Assessments, etc.
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Medical Translations
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Translations – from 0.08 GBP per source word

Text consisting of 500 words costs a minimun of 40 GBP

Certified Translations

0.08 GBP per source word + 35 GBP for the certification

Proofreading services

30 GBP /hour of proofreading

Minimum order

20 GBP
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